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Version 1.1
September 2004

Card text always outranks any "absolutes" mentioned in this rulebook. For example, the card "Double Check" lets you play cargo instantly, during Step 2 of your turn.

Multiple Players can be on the same Location.

If you are ever told to search the draw pile for a card, always shuffle the deck when you are done.

There are many action cards that can be played during a dogfight, even if it is not your turn. These cards will specify when they can be played. See the Dogfight Timing Table for a detailed explanation of the dogfight sequence.

The player whose turn it is always gets to play cards first in the event that several players want to play cards simultaneously. In fact, whenever anything happens simultaneously - say, multiple players are all told to draw a card - always start with the player whose turn it is, and then continue around in turn order. The only exception is when dogfighting... the attacker always plays first, followed by the defender, followed by any other players in turn order from the attacker.

For a longer game, play to seven cargo instead of five.

Don't forget that ALL players must discard down to seven cards at the end of each player's turn.

When a card effect tells you to do something, you must do it to the full extent unless there are no legal targets. If you play a card that says "open two cargo" then you must open two cargo, even if one of them is yours. If there is no packed cargo, or only one packed cargo, then you can't play the card. If an effect says "open one cargo" and the only available packed cargo is your own, then you must open your own. If an effect specifies "open one of an opponent's cargo," then only opponent cargo is a legal target.

Cards with an X in the top corner are from the expansion set and introduce moe complex ways to play. Beginning players may wish to remobe them from the deck at first.

For a three or four player game, use any three or four Player cards and remove the Passenger versions of these characters as appropriate. Set up the character tokens according to the suggested starting Locations: Don Karnage on 12, Kit on 3, Baloo on 6, and Molly on 9. Shuffle in the two extra Cargo cards; they have a Shere Khan logo on the shipping crate icon.

Play to four cargo for the win. This means that reaching three cargo is now the point where you can no longer play facedown cargo.

When played on defense, the Lucky Shot maneuver says "beats 4-13, opponent immediately draws a card." The Lucky Shot has no numerical value on defense, and so cannot be increased or decreased by effects such as "Strafing Run" or Covington's dogfight effect. A "U-Turn" makes no difference in the play of a defensive Lucky Shot; it will still beat any Maneuver of value 4 to 13.

For additional card clarifications and errate, see the spoiler list.

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