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Version 1.1
September 2004

These cards are played during Step 2 of your turn. Some may be played on your opponent's turn; these cards will say on them when they can be played. Some may have a cost associated with them, such as "Discard a card from your hand to do X." Once you have determined that you can play an Action card, do whatever it says.

If an Action card has this tiki symbol on it, then you may only play that card once during your turn.

The Location cards form the game's Location Ring, arranged like the face on a clock according to the number in the lower left corner. Each Location has a RECEIVING score, which is the minimum number of SHIPPING you need to play cargo there.

Some Locations have a Cargo Bonus effect. This is a special effect that is resolved only if you play cargo at that Location. You can get an idea how good the Bonus is by the RECEIVING score.

These cards are the only true cargo in the game. They are played during Step 3 of your turn.

Artifacts are played on your turn to any Player's cargo hold, during Step 2. Artifacts are not considered "bluffs" when revealed as open cargo. An artifact's effects apply to the Player that controls the cargo hold, not necessarily the Player who played the card.

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