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Version 1.1
September 2004

In TaleSpin Solitaire, you play as Baloo against Shere Khan himself! Set up the deck with the Passenger versions of Don Karnage, Kit and Molly. Do not include the passenger Baloo or the two extra Cargo cards. Start Baloo at Higher for Hire. Draw a hand of 5 cards. Your goal is 5 cargo. If the deck runs out of cards, you lose.

On your turn, draw one card, then play the top card of the deck as facedown cargo for Khan. No peeking! Play as normal - except that you can only play blue characters and Artifacts. All other cards are only useful as maneuvers.

All red characters you draw to your hand (even as PILOT bonus cards) must immediately cover a Location. Start covering Locations at Khan Industries and continue placing red characters clockwise. You may not play cargo at Locations covered in this way, but you may still move there.

You must win a dogfight against Khan on your turn to play cargo on your die roll. Khan is always within your RANGE, so you can always attack with Baloo even if you do not hold a blue Pilot. To dogfight, play all of your three maneuvers at once. Then draw three cards from the deck as Khan's maneuvers. If any one of Khan's maneuvers beats your single highest maneuver, Khan wins and you may not play cargo this turn. If none do, you have won the dogfight and may resolve any rewards, damages or draws. If Khan gets a Lucky Shot, it always trumps any other high maneuvers, so you get to draw the card. As an additional dogfight damage effect, you may discard the newest red character on the Location ring.

Khan wins at the END of any turn in which he has five cargo (Khan's final cargo is played facedown!) or all 12 Locations are covered by a red character. Khan also wins if at any point you run out of cards to draw from the deck. You win if you have five cargo (your final cargo must be real!) at the end of any turn.

This edition (v1.1) was posted online September 2004. The previous edition (v1.0) was posted May 2004. The following changes were made:

  • All players must discard down to seven cards at the end of every turn, not just their own turn.
  • All players have a maximum hand size of 10 cards.
  • Artifacts are not considered bluffs and now remain in play after revealed. This gives you two ways to play Artifacts... as packed cargo or by replacing existing open cargo.
  • Solitaire rules and Shere Khan solitaire card added.
  • Minor clarifications and changes made to the following cards: Auto-Aviator, At the Current Rate of Exchange, Claws for Alarm, Cursed Idol, Don Karnage (Passenger), Grease and Spoon Her!, Louie, and Molly Cunningham (Passenger). These revised cards are available as a patch file on the cards page for those who wish to update their set without printing out the entire v1.1 set.

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