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Version 1.1
September May 2004

1. Draw 1 card, or draw until you have 5 cards in hand.
2. Play cards from hand.
3. Roll the die once and follow effects on your Player and Passengers in chain order.
4. All players discard down to 7 cards if necessary.

1. Draw
At the beginning of your turn, draw 1 card. If you have less than 5 cards in your hand, continue to draw cards to bring your hand up to 5.

2. Play
You may perform actions in the Play phase in any order. You may:

  • Play a Passenger card to your chain
  • Play a Pilot card to start a dogfight
  • Start a dogfight using your Player's RANGE
  • Play any Action card from your hand that says "play on your turn" or similar
  • Play an Artifact card from your hand to any Player's cargo hold
  • Do nothing
You may play as many Passengers and Actions as you like, but there can be only one dogfight per turn. Remember that you can only have four Passengers in your chain, so if you play a fifth you must immediately discard one of the other four.

All players have a maximum hand size of 10. Once a player has 10 cards in hand, he or she may not draw additional cards, even when instructed to do so by a card or effect. If an effect would have you draw cards beyond 10 (say, you have 8 cards in hand and the effect reads "draw 3 cards") then simply draw as many cards as you can until your hand size reaches 10. Then also applies to drawing bonus cards in a dogfight: if you have 9 cards in hand and a PILOT stat of 6, you will only draw 1 card!

3. Roll
Roll a six sided die and apply character effects in order. Start with your Player character and follow the instructions according to your roll. For Player characters, the result is most often a "move X Locations, then play cargo" effect. This means you move your token around the Location ring in either direction, then play a card as cargo if possible. X can not equal 0. See the section on playing cargo for details.

Then continue to your first Passenger if you have one. Follow the effects on that character and continue on down your priority chain. If an effect discards a Passenger, discard them as soon as you come to them in the chain... not before, and not after. If an effect shuffles a Passenger's position in the priority chain - say, Move to Last Position - then do that immediately, but you do not follow the effect again should you come back to that character later in the chain.

4. Discard
All players must discard down to 7 cards. If you have five played cargo on the table, you win! You must completely end your turn to check for victory, just in case one of your Passengers has some crazy effect that would ruin it for you.

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