Message from the Designer #01

The following is taken from my original weblog entry on designing "TaleSpin: the Card Game." (June 2004)

Message from the Designer #02

The following is taken from my weblog entry on the second wave of "TaleSpin: the Card Game." (September 2004)

TaleSpin Sourcepage
A great site with detailed descriptions of the characters and settings. Lots of screengrabs!

High Flight
The continuing stories, as told through fan fiction and artwork.

Pirate Island
Great catchall site, with special emphasis on Don Karnage.

What's Next

With Expansion #1 out of the way, now I'm looking at Expansion #2. Here's some of the card ideas I'm kicking around:

A couple more Thembrians and Khan characters.

More Artifacts. Gorilla Birds? Bells of Tintinnabula?

An action card that turns off a Cargo Bonus (maybe permanently?)

An action card that rewards you for having at least three characters sharing a keyword.

An action card that provides a temporary shipping bonus for a player with low total shipping.

Watch this site for future announcements.

Search for TaleSpin stuff on eBay
Spoiler: Most of the page will be the old TaleSpin Sega Genesis game and the 8-part VHS series.

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