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Version 1.1
September 2004

If the defender wins a dogfight, he or she may select any played maneuver and put it in his or her hand.

Cargo bonus
Some Locations have a Cargo Bonus effect on them that is triggered only if you play cargo at that Location. The Bonus is always resolved immediately after playing cargo, before continuing with the rest oof the chain.

Cargo hold
The area on the table where you play your cargo cards.

The specific order of Passengers in a row behind your Player character.

Damage effect
Damage effects are attached to maneuvers. Damage is totaled at the end of a dogfight in which the attacker was successful. For each Damage result, the attacker may choose to open 1 played cargo, discard 1 open cargo, or discard 1 card from defender's hand.

Die roll effect
At the end of your turn, you roll a six-sided die and follow the priority chain on your Player and Passengers. Each character is checked for effects only once, so if a die roll effect moves a Passenger to the last position of the chain, you do not follow the effect a second time when you come to that character again.

Draw effect
Draw effects are attached to maneuvers. Draw effects are totaled at the end of a dogfight in which the attacker was successful. For each Draw result, the attacker draws one card.

Keywords are special words listed on Players, Passengers, Pilots and Artifacts. Other cards may use keywords as triggers to play game effects.

Every card has a maneuver on it: a value from 1 to 13. Maneuvers on cards on considered only in dogfights. The numerical value can not go below 1 or above 13.

Open cargo
The instruction "open cargo" allows you to choose any played facedown cargo and flip it over (even yours.) If the card is a Cargo card, it remains faceup and is now considered "open cargo." If the exposed card is a bluff, it is discarded.

Packed cargo
Any card played facedown to the cargo hold is considered "packed cargo."

Passenger cards are characters that form a chain behind your Player character. Many add to your Player's stats. They contain effects that are activated during Step 3 of your turn.

A Pilot card starts a dogfight against any opponent anywhere on the Location Ring. Pilot cards have a PILOT numerical skill and may contain a Dogfight Effect and/or Reward. A Pilot card's first maneuver in a dogfight is the one printed on the card.

PILOT skill
Your Player's PILOT skill shows how many cards you may draw at the beginning of a dogfight. Your PILOT value can be altered by your Passengers.

Play cargo
Play a card from your hand facedown into your cargo hold. These cards may not be moved or rearranged unless a game effect allows you to do so. These cards are all considered "played cargo." In most cases, Players only play cargo as indicated by the die roll at the end of their turn.

RANGE skill
Once during your turn, you may start a dogfight using your Player character as the attacker if there is an opponent within your RANGE (or within your current location.) RANGE is plus or minus X locations from the one you're in. Your first attack maneuver is the one printed on your Player card. Your RANGE can be altered by your Passengers.

The numerical value on a Location that indicates the minimum SHIPPING required to play cargo there.

Rewards are on Pilot cards. If the Pilot card starts a dogfight and wins it, that player may claim the reward listed.

Your Player's SHIPPING determines if you can play cargo at your current location. To play cargo, you need to meet or beat the RECEIVING score at the location. Your SHIPPING value can be altered by your Passengers.

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