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Version 1.1
September 2004

You only play cargo as instructed by the die roll effect on your Player card. You may not always be able to play cargo every turn, depending on the Locations within your movement range and the total SHIPPING score of your team.

To play cargo, your current SHIPPING must meet or beat the RECEIVING score of your current Location. So a player with a total SHIPPING of 3 could play cargo at any Location with a RECEIVING of 3 or lower.

Once you have determined that you can play cargo, you select ANY card from your hand and play it facedown into your "cargo hold." This card is now "packed cargo." Note that you can play ANY card as packed cargo, not just the special Cargo cards. Packed cargo counts towards your win, so it's a good idea to use whatever cards you have available to bluff your way to a full hold.

Some Locations have a Cargo Bonus. This is a special effect that is resolved only if you play cargo at that Location. Always apply the Cargo Bonus after you play your cargo, before continuing with the rest of the die effects in your chain.

Your cargo cannot be mixed up or moved once it is on the table (unless a game effect allows you to do so.) You can tighten up your lineup of packed cargo if one in the middle disappears, however.

Since cargo is your route to winning, you can expect to have your opponents do whatever they can to wreck it. There are two ways to affect your opponents' packed cargo. You can open the cargo, and you can damage the cargo. Lots of card effects will let you open cargo, but damage only results from a dogfight (See the section on dogfighting.)

The effect "open X cargo" allows you to flip over X number of packed cargo on the table (Even your own. In fact, it MUST be your own if there is no other packed cargo on the table.) In all cases, if you flip over a packed cargo and it is revealed to be a genuine Cargo card (or an Artifact), then it stays where it is, now faceup. The Cargo or Artifact card is now considered "open cargo." However, if the card was not a Cargo or Artifact card - a bluff card of any other type - then it is immediately discarded.

The effect "repack and mix up your cargo" allows you to flip all your open cargo facedown and completely mix up all your cards in the hold. These are separate instructions - although they most often appear as one effect - so if a card allows only a repack, then you may only do the flip over, not the mix up.

The effect "steal cargo" allows you to take an opponent's cargo and place it in your own cargo hold. Stealing cargo is not playing cargo. When you steal cargo, it comes in your hold in the same state in which it was stolen: facedown or faceup. As the new owner of the cargo, you are allowed to peek at it if it is facedown.

Once you have four cargo (packed or open) in front of you, then the next cargo you play (or steal) must be a genuine Cargo card played open (faceup) to win (and not an Artifact!) If you have four packed cargo and do not have a Cargo card in your hand, you will not be able to play or steal any cargo until you can draw one or can steal an open one. If an effect tells you to play or steal cargo, ignore it.

Playing cargo is a bluffing game. You should play cargo every turn, whether it's real or not. The benefit to real Cargo is that it sticks around longer in dogfights, but bluffing will often be the quickest path to a win.

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