Print out these PDF files to create your own cardset for TaleSpin: the Card Game. We suggest buying 127 opaque-backed card sleeves, the kind used to protect gaming cards since you have to shuffle them. If you like, get several different colors, so you can use them to differentiate the 4 Player cards, the 1 Solitaire card and the 12 Location cards from the rest of the deck.

Cut out all the cards (we aligned them so you can use a paper cutter) and slide each printout card into a sleeve, adding a regular poker style playing cards for stiffness. Since your sleeves should have solid backs, it doesn't matter if your cut job is uneven.

Then print out the rules, shuffle up, and take to the skies!

Known issues:
- For PDF reasons we don't have the time nor inclination to fix, several card titles have overly thick text. (The ones where I tried to add in the missing apostrophes from the v1.0 set. Bleah.)
- Acrobat 4 and above will open the files fine, but Apple's Preview seems to delete all card text. So use Acrobat.
- Make sure your Acrobat and/or your printer is not shrinking the file. Each card should come out 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches high. The preference that controls this is hidden somewhere in your Printing prefs, probably listed as a "Shrink to Fit" checkbox.
- If your browser is having trouble displaying any of these PDFs, try actually downloading the file(s) to your local drive... and then open it up with Acrobat.

PDF File #1, Players / Cargo / Locations
7MB (5 pages, 28 cards) v1.1
This file contains 4 Player cards, 12 Cargo cards and 12 Location cards. This file is required for a playable v1.1 set.
PDF File #2, Passengers / Pilots
28MB (6 pages, 36 cards) v1.1
This file contains 19 Passenger cards, 16 Pilot cards, and 1 Solitaire card. This file is required for a playable v1.1 set.
PDF File #3, Actions
29MB (7 pages, 42 cards) v1.1
This file contains 42 Action cards. This file is required for a playable v1.1 set.
Expansion #1
15MB (4 pages, 21 cards) v1.1
This file contains 5 Artifacts, 1 Pilot, 6 Passengers, and 9 Action cards. This file is an expansion set for v1.1, adding more advanced ways to play. It is recommended but not required. Also: Expansion #2 for even more advanced cards!
Patch File #1
6MB (2 pages, 8 cards) v1.1
This file contains cards that were altered since the 1.0 release (including the Solitaire card.) If you have downloaded the 3 required v1.1 files above, you do not need this file. This patch file is only for those who need to bring a v1.0 set up to v1.1.

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