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Version 1.1
September 2004

A six sided die is required.

Character tokens are also required. We suggest the 4-piece Kellogg's PVC figurine set with Baloo, Karnage, Kit and Molly. The McDonald's Happy Meal figures are also nice, but you don't get Karnage.

Gameplay elements copyright Joe Fourhman, 2004. Game Design & Graphic Design: Joe Fourhman. Playtesting & Design Support: Rhonda Fourhman. Refinements & Playtesting: Mike Fell. Additional Playtesting: Scott Siegel, Tony Sadowski, Josh Tauzin, Franny Askey. TaleSpin created by Jymn Magon and Mark Zaslove. Original artwork and source material: Walt Disney Television Animation. Special thanks to the producers, animators, writers and cast of Disney's TaleSpin animated series.

In TaleSpin: the Card Game, players become characters from Disney's animated adventure series. You'll travel around a loop of locations, gathering friends to help you as you deliver cargo. Your opponents are on the same race however, and you'll find yourselves engaging in deadly dogfights! TaleSpin is a game of bluffs and one-upsmanship, where getting all your cargo shipped is often a matter of faking it. Or stealing it.

Players each start with a single card in play: a lead character with unique stats and abilities. Everyone take turns drawing and playing cards, interacting with each other through action cards and dogfights. At the end of each player's turn, a die is rolled and special character effects are applied. One of these effects is the ability to play cards as cargo. You win the game when you have five cargo in front of you.

TaleSpin: The Card Game consists of 12 Location cards, 4 Player cards, 1 Solitaire card and a deck of 110 cards.

These rules are written for a two-player game. See the Additional section for rules for playing with three or four players. Additional also contains rules for a solitaire version of TaleSpin, plus a summary of rules changes since the previous edition of the rulebook.


Remove the four Player cards, the twelve Location cards and the two extra Cargo cards from the deck. (The extra Cargo cards have a Shere Khan logo in the upper left corner.) Each player selects a Player card, either Baloo, Don Karnage, Kit Cloudkicker or Molly Cunningham. Build the Location Ring by arranging the 12 Location cards in order like the face of a clock. Each player should choose a character token (like a coin, action figure or small model plane) and place it on one of the four N/E/S/W Locations: 12, 3, 6 or 9. Make sure your characters start exactly opposite each other.


There are two cards for each of the game's main characters: Baloo, Kit, Molly and Don Karnage. The Player version to represent you, and the Passenger version to be included in the deck. Whichever characters are not used should be shuffled back into the deck. For example: if the players are using Baloo and Kit, shuffle the Passenger versions of Molly and Don Karnage into the deck.

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