Take off for adventure!
This is TaleSpin: The Card Game!

Can you be the first to deliver your cargo and claim the title of Cape Suzette's fastest shipping company? Or are you planning on stealing it all to increase the wealth and legend of the Sky Pirates?

Whatever your goal, you can take it to the clouds in TaleSpin: The Card Game. A fan-created game based on the Disney animated cartoon, TaleSpin: The Card Game is only available here as an online download. It's completely free... you just have to make it yourself!

TaleSpin: The Card Game consists of over 120 cards, divided into Player cards, Location cards and deck cards. A six sided die is required to play. Up to 4 people can travel the world of Disney's TaleSpin, playing cargo, picking up passengers and starting aerial dogfights. You'll have to manage your cards carefully... or risk being shot out of the sky by your opponents!

Click the pictures to the right for a quick tour of the game. The cards you see were all printed on a nice quality color inkjet printer, then slipped into card sleeves with a normal poker card as a backing. The playing pieces are from an old Disney / Kellogg's Disney Afternoon PVC figure set.

NOW ONLINE: the entire v1.1 TaleSpin cardset in downloadable PDFs! The rules are online, and can be downloaded as a PDF for printing. The notes page has further articles by me and links to other sites about TaleSpin.

This game was created by a fan, for fans. There is no official endorsement or approval by the Walt Disney Company. If you liked the show, you'll love the game! If you have any comments, send me email!

- Joe Fourhman, September 2004

TaleSpin and all related elements copyright the Walt Disney Company.
Card game design and website copyright Joe Fourhman 2004. Bookmark www.fourhman.com/talespin
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