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fourhman.com v9.0

Published on October 27, 2012, by in Weblog.

I warned you… I switched to WordPress. It has been a long time coming. fourhman.com has been a Movable Type production since 2002 when I installed MT 2.0. By 2007 I was on MT 4.0, MT 5.0 arrived at some point, and I figured out how to integrate Twitter posts merely a year ago. But in the past year, the whole thing has just gone to shit. All the user comment stuff went flaky (and this was after I rebuilt the entire site using MT’s built-in commenting code!) A few months ago whatever the hell picks up my Twitter feed and turns it into Movable Type entries just outright ceased working, so my Tweets were not becoming entries unless I copy/pasted them in by hand. And not long after that, the post scheduler died. Not to mention that MT just has not kept up. My circles take me through other sites WordPress installs, and the plugin scene is much meatier, the social integration is actually covered… and, in the Coupe De Gracie, my ISP offers WordPress as a fully supported One Click Install ™. I was a huge Movable Type partisan five years ago, but I’m out. So after the One Click Installing, I picked out a theme and started to destroy it. I hate hate hate having a templates theme, so I’ve got to find ways to customize it. This comes from my original fourhman.com websites all being hand-coded HTML, which makes me sound like a damn dinosaur, I know. So I spent a lot of time in the last week trying to decide what’s worth breaking and what is not. In the end, I found a nice theme (Neuro Pro by CyberChimps) and tried to reverse-engineer it to be different. Which was dumb, largely. The theme’s tools allow for plenty of options to personalize, but some parts you just shouldn’t touch. The thing that has been killing me all week has been that Neuro Pro does nothing with WordPress post formats (which is where you can define different layouts for each broad category of articles… like, a post categorized as “quote” will display differently than one labelled “gallery” or one labelled “link.”) I’ve been trying to hack my way through that, and design my own formats, but this theme sort of hides that stuff too deep to locate. I’ve settled for some minor CSS work – to set Tweets apart from “regular” entries, most importantly – but I’d love to see this theme get an update that adds actual design options in that area. Because, seriously, the behind-the-scenes tools for this theme are fucking awesome. Like, I’m this close to not having to know any gritty coding details ever again, that’s how nice the theme creation suite is. Now, I brought over all of the old MT entries, but I’m more or less starting over anyway, insofar as old tags/categories/features are concerned. The archive is there, and it looks like most images and links are working, but I’m not going to worry about integrating old content into the new design. Tags have all been reset, since it looks like that’s the one thing that the old MT database did not translate forward. And I’m not really concerned about continuing to collect all the old category features (like the original 2001 Animal Crossing Log!) I mean, they’re all still there, just no longer assembled like they’re something Modern Audiences Care About. Neuro Pro does not seem to play nice 100% with the WordPress Social plugin. Sucks. So I have yet to figure out how I am connecting fourhman.com with Facebook and Twitter, without trying to run eighteen different RSS re-publishers and comment catchers. There’s a lot of testing to do, but at least the site itself seems solid.

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