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welcome to fourhman.com

I’m Joe Fourhman. I’ve written for the Chicago Tribune, WPMT FOX43, GGS Gamer and Aeropause. Although I’m mainly found at Twitter, this site is still the home for nearly 20 years of fantastically old weblog entries that have been formatted, re-formatted and un-formatted to all heck (archive+search at the bottom of this page.) It might be more interesting to listen to recent episodes of the podcast I’m on, You Like the Worst Stuff. Just below are links to some old fan-sites and print-and-play card games I created, most of which haven’t been touched in years.
– Your pal, Joe Fourhman


Additionally, here’s Fatal Frame card game @ BGG.com, TaleSpin card game @ BGG.com, my Miiverse, my YouTube videos, my Vines and my Favstar.