Mitchell StocDred's Mitchell: The Card Game as seen on MST3K
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10/01 - Printing tips added to Forum
08/00 - New M:TCG site launched; rules on v1.11
06/98 - Rules updated to v1.1
06/98 - First draft of M:TCG rules released (v1.0)
10/93 - MST3K does "Mitchell"
1975 - "Mitchell" released

The adventures of a boozy, puffy-faced detective...
Your hearts will pound and your veins will clog when you and your friends play Mitchell: The Card Game! It's fun, easy to learn and as fast-paced as Joe Don Baker himself. Each player becomes one of Mitchell's suspects and tries to keep Mitchell the hell away. Will Mitchell's tireless technique and bottomless hunger find you guilty? Or will you be fortunate enough to fly under his immense, sloppy radar? Only clever cardplay and a sense of humor will keep you safe... from Mitchell.

In the cards section are printable images of all the cards. All you need to do is print out the cards then visit the rules to learn how to play. Send us your comments, visit other Mitchell/MST3K sites, and get some printing help in the forum section.

Mitchell: The Card Game features full color cards with images and quotes taken directly from the "Mitchell" episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. A complete set consists of 118 cards, although many are duplicated. Best of all, Mitchell: The Card Game is entirely free. You just have to make it yourself. All of this wheezy, bloated fun for the one-time cost of photocopying!

02/02 - Mitchell: The Card Game has moved! We are now at

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