Look, this is not really an awards thing.

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So let's not even pretend the Gamers' Choice Awards are some kind of value assessment. That kind of thing goes out the window as soon as you offer up a bounty for whoever the public chooses. The winning games will be offered at a discount, 30% for regular PSN users and 50% for PSN Plus members.

Which is great. Plus throws out so many deals and freebies that I almost never buy anything when it debuts at full price. Which sucks for Sony, I guess, but the flipside is that the discounts guarantee we all crow about these cool deals when they happen. Pushes Plus, anyway.

So what we do here, if we're self-focused individuals, is vote up games that we want to buy at 50% off. IE, vote for items which we, in all likelihood, do not already own.

Here's my picks. There are three nominees in each category.

BEST PSN GAME - InFamous: Carnival of Blood or whatever it's called. We're playing InFamous 2 right now (Clark really likes this series) so I'd for sure pick up this for $5. Plants vs Zombies is really, really good, though. But we all know that by now, it's out for every platform except the TI-99.

BEST 3D GAME - Sly Collection. And now, another chance to bitch about the sliding crapscale of the Sly franchise! This series went from Awesome to A Mess in three installments, because of Sucker Punch's insistence on minimizing Sly Cooper and making us play as dickbags. Still, I would buy the HD remastered version on sale... and just play the first game three times. I can't seem to get the retail version of Sly Collection at a good price, but if this contest bumps 'em down to $5 apiece, I'll bite.

BEST ONLINE PLAYABLE - Tetris, I guess? I can't get behind yet another 2D Street Fighter game, and I don't even know what the other one is.

BEST PLAYSTATION CLASSIC - Who cares. I voted for Parasite Eve, because I vaguely recall almost buying that one a decade ago. But let me tell you, "almost bought a decade ago" isn't much of a metric with me.

BEST PSN EXCLUSIVE - They put that InFamous game in two categories, which says to me that they want this one to go on sale (same with Tetris and PixelJunk Shooter 2; Dungeon Defenders is nominated in three categories). I voted for InFamous again. Related: how in crap do you call Tetris a PSN Exclusive?

BEST MINI GAME - I find it so hard to care about Minis. I don't have a PSP or a Vita, and I don't see why they can't issue these things with Trophy support (which Apple figured out, so you'd think Sony would have by now.) I voted for Pac-Man Championship Edition, whatever.

BEST PS3 FULL GAME - I think this category is just to remind us that full game downloads exist on PSN, and the choice is between two old Assassin's Creed games and what in the fuck Midnight Club. I voted for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, because, objectively, it's probably the best in the line... although it's a line that hasn't offered much differentiation over the past four games.

BEST PSP GAME - Judging from the store icons, this category is a competition between three identical games. I voted for Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together because that is one hilarious subtitle.

BEST PLAYSTATION MOVE GAME - Again, I have Dungeon Defenders, so I'm not voting for it. This is all so selfish. Plus, DD is nominated in three categories; this game is going to win and it's going to go on sale. I backed 4 Elements HD.

BEST INDIE GAME - Limbo. I've seen a bit of the XBLA version, so I'd pick it up on sale, sure. Not really my kind of game; that trial and error bullshit drives me crazy. But it looks cool enough to get on the cheap.

The winners will go on sale next week, which is a nice quick turnaround.

Also: my god, stop using that font. It sucks. It sucks in Rock Band, it sucks here. Those heavy angles on the As, Vs, Ws and Ms drive me crazy. It is a kerning nightmare.

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