Thundercats used to be looser.

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You know, for as anime as Thundercats was in 1985, it's impressive how much more anime was put into the new 2011 version.


The first few episodes have been made available in the Cartoon Network iPad app (and at Cartoon under the bold new direction of requiring a cableco account. I'm not saying we did this, but should one not have cable but perhaps use a cableco account from another family member, suddenly it's like having Cartoon Network all over again. The comments on the "updated" CN app are pretty hilarious, as people who must not have cable are suddenly pissed that they can no longer watch full episodes - at all - in the app. From what I remember, the app was sort of pants to begin with, with full episodes being annoyingly rare anyway... so for us, this cableco login move is a good one. We're seeing more CN episodes now than ever. Young Justice, Batman: BnB, Adventure Time, Ben 10, and now Thundercats. The only sucky bit is that, being a streaming service, and our iPad being non-AT&T sub, Clark can't watch CN shows in the car.

New Thundercats? Instant hit in our house. The opening two-parter does some nice setup, and episode 4 (the Petalars) is fantastic. There's some unexpectedly heart-wrenching dialogue in there, as the wandering Thundercats encounter a tribe of plant people with the life span of one day.

Clark has watched the available shows several times already. So I thought I'd take him straight to the source, back to the original 1985 series. Now, you guys know that I am, in most things, a staunch progressionist. I'm not showing this to Clark under the tone of "Now THIS is how you do Thundercats, laddy! They don't make 'em like this anymore! In my day, goddamn Snarf talked proper Thunderian English and we liked it! If we had more than two frames per second, that was two more than we needed!" Nor am I going to say that to you, here in the adults-only privacy of because the new show is far and away a better show, just like nearly EVERYTHING today is better than the shit we had 25 years ago, which was way better than the shit we had 25 years before that. I just thought he might find it interesting to see the show as I knew it, from when I was a kid.

What I forgot was that, for the first five minutes of the first episode of Thundercats 1985, they're all naked.


I mean, they're cats, and that's fur. So I suppose they're not really naked. Lacking spandex battlesuits, for sure. Clark thought this was absolutely hilarious and could not stop giggling throughout the entire opener.


Man, Cheetara has some kind of perspective problem, doesn't she? I had also forgotten how Bowie she was.


Even the kids! NAKED.

At the end of that scene, Jaga gives them the gift of clothes as they prepare to land on a new planet. Presumably on their native Thundara, they're nekkid all the time. (In the new show, no nakedness, even on Thundara.)

There's a bit near the end of this mostly-naked 1985 episode where one of the Mutants says "The Thundercats... are loose!", coyly echoing the classically cheesy theme song. Nice touch.

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That's right, they WERE naked. My kids would totally have laughed through it too!

And I'm pretty sure you're right about everything being better now. We were kids, what did we know?

Except maybe the Transformers. Maybe.

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