A 1995 Marvel survey wants a new Gambit series.

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Something else I found in my boxes of ought-to-be-recycled paper products: the results of a mail-in survey from 1995. I think this was from defunct pop culture storefront American Entertainment. Think today's Wizard, but in pre-internet terms. Except that we had the internet in 1995, and we had Wizard in 1995 and was pretty much the same as Wizard today.

Some fun takeaways:

- A "surprisingly high" 36% had CD ROM drives. I know I didn't.
- Two-thirds wanted a new Gambit series.
- Slightly more than half liked Spider-Man's Clone Saga. (I have no idea where this survey fell during the sprawling publishing history of the Clone Saga.)
- A third got their comics via mail order. Which makes sense since American Entertainment was a mail order company. Not exactly a random sample of Marvel fans here.
- Half have never bought Magic "or any other card game." OR ANY OTHER CARD GAME?!?!
- The biggest landslide was 80% of respondents liking Age of Apocalypse. Fifteen years later, AoA is still well-thought of in comics circles. Certainly more so than other X-events of the era, like X-Cutioner's Song and Inferno.
- Two-thirds did not use an "on-line" service! Which, at the time, meant something stupid like America Online or CompuServe.

I really like the favorite character list. Proof that, at one time, people actually liked Cyclops! Barely an Avenger in the list. Current media darling Iron Man is nowhere to be seen. Had Deadpool been created yet?

If you extrapolate the majorities here, you'll see that the average poll respondent bought 6 to 10 comics a month from a local comic shop (including two X-Men books, no Spider-Man), owned a computer without a CD drive or an online service, has never bought a card game, and really, really likes Wolverine for the second year running.

Oh, and is a 19 year old male.

How things have changed! Today, the average comics fan is a 35 year old male, buys 16 to 20 comics a month from a local comic shop (including eight X-Men books, three Spider-Man), runs his own online service... but really, really likes Iron Man for the second year running.

Also, has still never bought a card game.

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