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Screwball Scramble in 8.5 seconds (YouTube)
If this isn't the fastest Screwball Scramble run the world has ever seen, I'd like Guinness to state otherwise.

Analysis: McMillen Explains 'Why So Hard?' (GameSetWatch)
The guy behind Super Meat Boy explains the evolution of difficulty in gaming, specifically the whole lives vs. challenge dynamic. Great article, and it underlines why I think New Super Mario Bros Wii is way off base when it comes to delivering a fun, accessible experience. This actually makes me interested in Super Meat Boy (especially the cool-sounding multi-replay feature), a WiiWare title I was avoiding because of the dippy Adult Swimish random hipster name.

These Are Your Favorite Kotaku-themed WarioWare D.I.Y. Games (Kotaku)
There's me! Me! I made the finalists! I'll post videos of my favorite competitors shortly.

Some depressing reality from Bruce Timm... Animated Batgirl, Judas Contract and Wonder Woman/Green Lantern sequels all cancelled. He's been strongly encouraged not to do R-rated animated super-hero movies, thanks to the relative failure of the live action Watchmen film. Ugh.

Neil Innes: And now for something completely different (Yahoo News UK)
I always forget where my subconscious picked up the phrase "Bonzo Dog Doo Dah." It's from this guy.

Microsoft echoes Apple view on Adobe's Flash (Yahoo News UK)
Steve Jobs attacks Flash and the internet explodes. Microsoft quietly rings in agreement with Jobs, and nobody cares. That's either a comment on Flash or a comment on Microsoft's relevance.

Vinyl Groove (Mice Age)
Kevin Yee discovers Disney's new Vinylmation store. They had these toys when we were there last fall but we did not buy any. An entire store dedicated to them? I imagine we could not have resisted that.

The Juvenile vs. the Adolescent (Michael Barrier)
Interesting quote from Barrier about teens:

Once children enter adolescence, with its anxieties and insecurities and consuming self-consciousness, they pass beyond the reach of artists like [Carl] Barks; they're incapable of hearing what those artists are saying until the glandular din subsides and they become adults.

That fits nicely with what I said a few weeks ago about Nintendo's bell curve of fandom from kids-to-teens-to-adults.

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