B&W Sunday Scan: The Story of Beef

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As I was cleaning up some old junk, I found these comic photocopies that I had hanging up in my college dorm room(s). They're probably all from Critters #50 (1990), but I'm too lazy to go double-check that. Either way, Critters #50 was an awesome issue.

Because these comics are so great, I'm going to queue up a bunch of them to auto-publish on Sundays. Enjoy!

The fact that I had this Mark Martin comic on my wall about five years before I went vegetarian shows that I was already leaning in the right direction. This one is a little tough to read in scan form because Martin uses a three-column layout.

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This is great. I'm still eating burgers, though.

Woohoo! I've been looking for this online for many years. Thanks for putting it up!

I have Critters #50 somewhere in a box in my basement, but I never got around to finding it.

The Story of Beef! turned my brother into a vegetarian for almost a year, as I recall. It didn't work on me, though.

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