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They Might Be Giants - Asheville (YouTube)
This is one of my favorite videos from the Venue Songs set.

A Story You Won't Believe (Mark Evanier)
I hope Mark Evanier realizes how awesome his life is. In this anecdote, he drops lines like "my old pal, Billy Barty" and "my office roommate at the time was Tex Avery" and for a year he parked his car by boxes full of Spike Jones' personal notes while dating Spike's niece.

The Source (DC Comics)
DC has started their own weblog... which is one of those forward-facing corporate weblogs that will have lots of exclusive announcements and genial patter but will still retain the untouchable marketroidness that keeps things from getting too real (like PlayStation.Blog, actually).

Flash Rebirth (Absorbascon)
Scipio discusses the return of Barry Allen. My favorite quote:

Geoff Johns is the anti-Grant Morrison; with Johns work you don't know what's going on until it's over, when all is revealed and it makes sense, whereas with Morrison's you think you know what's going on until it's over, when it's revealed that it didn't make any sense at all.

Or maybe it's this one:

Most great characters have an essential irony. Bruce Wayne, the gazillionaire who fights muggers in alleys. Superman, the passive office schlub who can shove planets around. Wonder Woman, the ass-kicking warrior of peace and sisterhood. Hal Jordan, with a ring that can do whatever you imagine on the hand of a rock-headed moron.

An unbelievably acceptable story-and-comments about some racist imagery in an old 1940s Batman comic. Like, nobody freaks out at all, but everybody agrees it's terrible. Compare this to the last time you read video gamers talking about Resident Evil 5.

Toon Zone News Interviews the Brave and Bold James Tucker! (Toon Zone)
Great interview with James Tucker, producer of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. I love reading about the stupid things that mess with development on a show like this... where you want to use Wonder Woman but somebody higher up in charge of rights distribution says no because she's promised to some other contract at the moment.

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That's John Hodgman (from the Daily Show and also known as "PC" from the Apple ads) isn't it?

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