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Optical Illusion Girlfriend (YouTube)
Not everything from College Humor is sleazy!

Small World makeover opens (Cartoon Brew)
I was afraid to watch the video for fear of giant Chicken Little and Incredibles adver-tronics in the ride, but what Disney characters they show are entirely tasteful and keeping in the Mary Blair style. They could totally sell Small World reimaginings of the Disney character stable and I'm sure the Disney accountants are on it. Looks nice to me. I really don't mind Disney finding new ways to keep the old rides relevant. Or anyway, I haven't minded it yet. At least Small World got to stick around instead of being ripped out like Mr. Toad or Kitchen Kabaret.

Sack it to Me - Love is in the Air Edition (PlayStation Blog)
First pics of LittleBigPlanet action figures. These look WAY nicer than those plushies that Japan got a few months ago.

And also, more proof that Keita Takahashi is batshit insane.

Pepsi Branding Document (Cabel Sasser)
Oh my god. A nightmare of marketing vomit. Word is that this is real; I guess it is the presentation where one group of idiots sold another group of idiots on that horrid new Pepsi logo. I think the best part is where they talk about Pepsi products exerting a natural gravitational pull on grocery-shopping consumers. Classic stuff: marketers thinking that simply talking about something makes it real.

Hit Self-Destruct: I Will Dare (GameSetWatch)
Nice ramble about Rock Band and how it compares to the real band experience.

Clever dog uses snow bank to climb up on roof (Yahoo News)
I guess in North Dakota, a dog on a roof is "clever." Seriously, read this article and see if you can find anything redeeming to it. "Just when you think you've seen it all," [the animal control officer] said with a chuckle. Really. Dog-on-a-roof amusingly baffles Dakotoan police officer. Really.

Demo siren song (Brainy Gamer)
Dude dares to gently bring up the Resident Evil 5 / racism thing again, and somehow is not swallowed alive by an internet full of moron teens who think that shooting Spanish people in RE4 somehow justifies that first RE5 trailer. IT IS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

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