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Oh my god the Promise Ending.

Although I knew about existence of the Fatal Frame 2 "Promise Ending," I had never looked it up because it was a hidden ending only available on the Xbox port of the game... and what could possibly be canon about that?

But this week I finally read up on it, most notably in the form of a beautiful screenshot image of the ghosts of Tachibana kids standing together, finally united as part of the game's "happy" ending. Wow. I am a sucker for anything to do with dear little Chitose.

I'm never playing Zack & Wiki again.

Hey, I found out why nobody bought critically acclaimed third party adventure game Zack & Wiki: because it sucks.

Seriously, I was trying to figure out one of the ice world levels (which is not that far in the game, by the way) and died for like the millionth time in an area that I had no right to expect was dangerous. Fuck that shit. Who in the hell enjoys this trial-and-error bullshit?

The Amanda Conner biography.

I read that Power Girl artist Amanda Conner was married to Jimmy Palmiotti, the writer of DC's Jonah Hex and an East Coast comic convention favorite, so I checked out her Wikipedia page. Turns out, she's been a comics artist for twenty years! When that four-part 2005 Power Girl story hit back in JSA Classified, I wrongly assumed she was some undiscovered talent based on the way everybody went apeshit over her... but she's earned her chops well before that. Nice!

I have not talked at all about being in the LittleBigPlanet beta.

Yeah, I'm in it and it is hot. You guys are going to go crazy when this thing comes out. I have played some incredibly cool and bizarre and awesome user-created levels. I did one tonight that does nothing but play the first minute of "Sweet Child O'Mine"!

It is some hardcore work to make levels. I'm making a little Wild West town and the level of granularity means you can get lost tweaking every insignificant little detail. So far, I have one half-finished saloon that looks like crap. But I plan to turn the darkness way up so you'll never notice.

OSX DVD screenshot trick.

By default, Mac OSX makes it impossible to take screenshots while a DVD is playing. This is of course some kind of stupid Hollywood kowtow that Steve Jobs had to pull in order to maintain good relationships with the studios. But because there are plenty of legal reasons as to why you'd want to screenshot a paused DVD image, there is a way around it.

I've known about this trick for some time but never before found cause to use it. It's a little arcane, but you need to open up Terminal while the DVD window is open, type in a line of code, then watch as your cursor changes from a crosshairs to a cute little camera icon.

Blu-ray sale at Best Buy turns maybe-movies into sure-movies.

As anticipated, we bought Iron Man at Best Buy where it was only $25 for the blu-ray version. Who wants that stupid Target-exclusive Iron Man plastic head case? How do I put that on the shelf?

Best Buy also had a 2-blu-for-$35 deal going, on some very specific movies. That's a pretty great price, so I grabbed Letters from Iwo Jima and that CG Ninja Turtles movie.

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