Things We Learned This Week

Clark can be pretty funny when he's sick.

Clark has had a nasty virus for most of the week. He threw up twice in rather quick succession with zero warning, and I was trying to get him to make a connection between that feeling and telling us so we could get him to a bathroom. I said "This is one of those times when you..." and he interrupted me with "Two times, daddy."

We had him sleeping on an air mattress at the foot of our bed (for theoretically easier cleanup), and we had the TV on. Rhonda and I were talking when all of a sudden he starts laughing hysterically. He was watching that Travelocity commercial where the guy keeps trying to talk and the construction sound keeps stopping him. Clark thought that was hilarious.

That was Thursday night; by Friday night, I developed the same bug, carried to an unholy extreme. Which explains why there's not a lot of weblog content lately.

Another positive link for Fatal Frame: the Card Game.

From an impressively comprehensive list of board/card games based on video games. The author describes the game as "supposedly quite good."

I really need to finish up my expansion cards and do a little re-seeding of the FF:tCG website.

New Ambush Bug miniseries!

There hasn't been an Ambush Bug solo story since 1992, and even that was several years beyond the character's heyday. After hinting around at it for a while, the Bug returns to the DCU in a six-issue miniseries this July, with each issue parodying the major storylines of the past few years. Cannot frickin' wait.

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