The Week in Links

Guitar Hero 2 - Super Mario Theme Mix (YouTube)
Hacked up Guitar Hero plays custom-created Mario level!

Devon's Kinda True Cully Hamner Story (Seven Hells)
I totally thought Cully Hamner was black too! I remember reading an interview or something with him where he mentioned an art school teacher who chastised his work by saying "Are you afraid to draw big lips on your black figures?"

Hilarious screengrabs from ancient Phyllis Diller routine (
She was old then.

Cynical forum reader resolutions to World War Hulk (Comic Book Resources)
My favorite: "Wanda says 'No More Hulk.'"

iLife '08 Guided Tour (Apple)
I can't even count how many times I said "oh my fucking god" during this video.

Apple's Mac Set to Soar (PC Magazine)
PC Mag totally fellates Apple. I never thought I'd see the day.

What's truly sad about all of this is that joints like PC Mag - and the readers the prostrate there - have spent decades lampooning and belittling Macs and now they suddenly come around just because of the market success of the iPod / iMac / iPhone. What, just now you fuckheads realize that they're easy to use?

It's exactly like how the gaming press treated Nintendo in the N64 / GameCube days, actually.

Never Enough (Absorbascon)
Superb runthrough of Martian Manhunter's lesser-known powers, such as creating ice cream out of thin air. Viva la Silver Age!

Will Walt Disney Imagineering ever revisit the "Pluto's Playland" project? (Jim Hill Media)
To crazy to be true: Disney considered building a park for dogs. Obviously a half-assed initiative... note the concept artwork for a "Oliver's Tasty Treats" food stand. Guys, Oliver was the cat.

Atari 2600 Label Maker (via GameSetWatch)
Make your own game boxes for imaginary Atari 2600 games! Here's one I made:

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