The Week in Links

Icebreaker 2 Preview (YouTube)
Impossible things still happen. Andrew Looney's long-lost 3DO game, Icebreaker 2, is about to get released! For the 3DO! Funny video follows...

The Perfect Phone (Roughly Drafted)
The iPhone has inspired a legion of Apple haters and fearmongers to crawl out from under their rocks, spewing forth unsubstantiated claims and complete lies about something they've never even touched. This article summarizes the biggest of the bigots and counterpoints with their hypocrisy in letting Windows (and other products) skate through without even a fraction of the tormented "Apple will destroy IT networks!" hand-wringing.

It's Clean Underwear Tuesday! (Dave's Long Box)
A few funny old comics covers, not really about underwear. I laughed like hell at the second one.

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