Super Paper Mario is hi-technicaaaaallll!

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I finished Chapter 3 of Super Paper Mario last night, and it was hilarious. Chapter 3 centers around Francis, a chameleon nerd who has captured Tippi for his collection. His whole bit is written to bust on otaku culture and forum fanboys. For a few minutes the game even turns into a dating sim where Francis tries to flirt with Peach. Fantastic!

Francis has a pair of rooms where he keeps his stash, both of which are filled with references to the first two Paper Mario games (although mostly 1000 Year Door, from what I could tell.) If you read the stuff on his computer, you'll find gags about the Excess Express, Ms. Mowz and Rawk Hawk. And on the top shelf is his Nintendo console collection...

Nice! But where is the Wii?

Remember, this is Super Paper Mario... so rotate from 2D to 3D...

There it is on the right, beside Francis's big honkin' flat panel TV.

Although I don't think Super Paper Mario is as good as the pure adventurey Paper Marios (finding your way through the hub town of Flipside is completely stupid and tedious), I am terribly glad that this franchise exists.

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I feel the same way about Super Paper Mario. I preferred the 1000yr door, but Level 3 was great!

Here are a couple screenshots on my flickr, including one of Francis and Peach talking which was hilarious...

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