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With the increase in my commute, I have solidly dug into the podcast world to pass the time. Here's my personal recommendations.

- John Hodgman - The Areas of My Expertise (Abridged)

Not really a podcast, but still the funniest thing in the world right now. Hodgman just steamrolls through all these tightly written random fact things, including a good half hour just about this crazy hobos-take-over-the-US thing. I'm currently at the end of his hilarious discussion on America's 51 states.

I downloaded this back when Apple had it FREE for a week or so, which is awesome because now it's $18. I have to get the book.

And goddamn if he doesn't waste an unbelievable amount of time reciting 700 hobo names (which has already become an internet thing).

- Radio Free Nintendo

This is the podcast from Nintendo World Report. I first grabbed this one when they had a listen-and-win contest back in February. I didn't win (did they even announce who did?!?), but I did get hooked on the podcast.

It's nicely formatted, with three to four guys going through weekly news, mail and a single Nintendo-related topic. They do insist on including poorly conceived comedy bits, but they made up for a month's worth of bad fake commercials with one single dramatic reading of the opening scene from Elebits.

They've been running about an hour plus, but this week's edition in only 45 minutes, which sucks.

- Big Monkey Podcast

Big Monkey Comics is a two-store chain in the VA/DC area. I've never visited, but I'm already at the point where if I did, I'd be like a slavering fanboy in front of these guys. I'm a fan of The Absorbascon and Seven Hells, and this podcast comes from them.

I love hearing fans talk unapologetically about comics, dropping refs and names so fast that if you're not into it, too effin' bad.

Big Monkey is only in Week Two, and they have some audio issues to work out (five voices is too many!) but these guys have already proven their dedication on their respective weblogs, so minor tech problems should not stand in their (or your) way. I hope they keep up the pace and maintain this as a weekly show.

Thus far, the episodes are over an hour.

- They Might Be Giants

I've mentioned this before. It's still great.

They just released their new album on iTunes, but I'm a stickler for collecting these guys in cold hard CD form. And since they're super cool about that, the CD release includes an extra disk!

The TMBG podcast runs about 20 minutes, and they have no set release schedule.

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