Another Gym, Another Silly Maze

OK, since it's been so long since my last Pearl update, I've pretty much forgotten everything I did. So this entry is all about stuff I did, like, in the last hour.

I popped a male Chimchar (level 1) into the GTS and asked for a female Turtwig. Then plan being to breed Turtwigs, duh. After a few days, somebody in North Carolina completed the trade. This is my first trade within the continental US. I have seen put another young male Chimchar out there in hopes of scoring a female Pinplup.

I love that you can buy Poke Ball seals in Sunyshore. I buy ten of each type that is available. I'm guessing the seal store has different stock depending on the day you visit.

I read somewhere that you can achieve Prof. Rowan's "completed pokedex" goal simply by battling every NPC trainer in the game. Did the previous games do that? In contrast, I'm assuming that the Gamefreak Designer's "completed pokedex" mission means you have to have actually touched all 150 pokemon. But as you'll recall with Pokemon Sapphire, the reward is sure to be crappy.

I did some more WiFi battling with Ben, who put together a team of primarily ice-types. If I haven't mentioned it yet, the voice chat is truly nice. It is clear and loud; and it sounds better than my cell phone right now.

Here's my eighth Gym Leader fight:

Eh. Not too terrible. I didn't even bother using heal items.

After getting the eighth badge (again the music notes are off... why?), I got the Waterfall HM from the lost Johto Gym Leader in the north coast of Sunyshore. So now I'm going to go screw around looking for waterfalls that I previously had to ignore.

I'd like to go goof off in other ways, but the poffin thing sucks, the Super Contests take too long, and the Underground isn't much fun single player. Maybe I'll burn some hours harvesting berries to trade for junk back in Floaramamaseamaameweaaa Town.

PARTY: Clutch (Infernape) lv41, Toxicroak lv50, Torterra lv40, Gengar lv41, Staraptor lv45, Empoleon lv42

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