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The Worst Surprise Ever
07.25.06 / 12:00AM / Joe / all entries in Pokemon LeafNotes

As I mentioned last time, attending the Pokemon Rocks World Forever Blitz Reunion Tour inspired me to finally make good on "beating" Pokemon Sapphire. IE, it was time to Catch 'Em All.

This required two Ruby reboots (because my original Ruby game was already way past the starter types). Luckily, you can trade pokemon between games after about 15 minutes of play, so it was short work to generate a Mudkip and a Torchic.

Somehow, I already had the final evolutions of both of those. This was probably due to some trade finagling with fellow trainers - trade me a Swampert and I'll trade him right back! - that sort of trick. So I just had to run the young Torchic and Mudkip around in my party for a bit so they would evolve into their middle level monsters.

Then came the disappointment.

You'll recall a hotel in Lilycove City ("Remember us as COVE LILY of LILYCOVE," the sign reads.) The game's designers like to hide themselves into each Pokemon game, and this hotel is their home in the R/S line. Early in the game, if you talk to these guys, they'll say something like "You're working on a pokedex! Great! Come see us when you have it finished!"

And you're like, shyeah, when it's finished.

But at last, after completing the pokedex due to my own hard work and well-orchestrated trades, it was time to see the Game Freak team and show off my completed Hoenn Pokedex.

Sorry for the crappy picture. I was at work when I did this and did not have my good camera nearby.

What that says is "This Pokedex is completely filled! You must really love Pokemon!"

Then he says "I want to give you something!" And you're all quivery with excitement...

"This document certifies that you have successfully completed your Pokedex."

This is IT?!?! This is all I get for catching over 200 different species of pokemon? I honestly was expecting the guy to give me some kind of special boat pass so I could go catch Deoxys or something equally cool. You don't even get a mention on your Trainer Card.

Nope. Here's a certificate. Hope ya had fun, kid. That'll teach me to not look this kind of junk up online first.

What is it with Nintendo refusing to reward players for extreme diligence?

Time: 158:52
Badges: 8
Pokedex: 205 (Seen: 205) (including Celebi!)
Party: Marshtomp lv16, Tropius lv31, Golduck lv58, egg, egg



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